K-Culture Festival Wellington 2016

On Sunday the second Wellington K-Culture Festival was held in Shed 6. Like last year there was a neat little array of food, stalls, and cultural performances. Here’s a little retrospect of some of the goings-on!

Soundtrack: ‘Departure’ – Imagined Herbal Flows

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Lightning Lab XX 2016 (Media Roundup)

From March through to June I had the privilege of being the in-house videographer for Creative HQ‘s Lightning Lab XX Accelerator Programme. An intensive three-month business incubator, LLXX was a venture on Creative HQ’s part to boost the visibility of women-founded startups and help close the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem – indeed, the only prerequisite to apply for XX was that the company have at least one female founder, resulting in eight diverse and interesting companies all coming together in the same space to learn and grow together!

During my time at LLXX I was able to meet so many interesting people and learn so much. I was initially contracted to create a series of weekly videos spotlighting the different startups participating in the programme as well as some retrospectives of happenings in and around the space, but I also had the opportunity to create content specifically for some of the companies, which was a really awesome experience. Every single day of the three month programme was in preparation for the big Demo Day in mid-July, where the CEOs of each startup presented a pitch to a room full of sponsors and investors. Being the mic-depacker for the evening I had front-row seats to the entire show, and I’m really proud of the progress that everyone made over the course of LLXX.

Now that Lightning Lab XX is over, everyone has gone their separate ways, but I’m sure each of them will be successful in their own rights, and I look forward to hearing about their ventures in future! Here’s a roundup of videos I produced for both Lightning Lab XX itself as well as the startups that I worked alongside during the programme. If you’d like to find out more about the startups mentioned, I’ve provided a series of links at the bottom of the page.

Little Yellow Bird | Ama | NoticeMATCH | Patternsnap | Geo AR Games
Music Ecademy | Sipreme | Liangma | Hive

To view the recorded livestream of Demo Day, click here!

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F&S Cosplay Showcase Videoshoots (WLG 2016)

Fun F&S Fact: as of February next year, I will have been a cosplayer for a whole decade! The last couple years I haven’t been financially stable enough to justify creating the costumes I’ve been wanting to, but this year I decided to get involved in a slightly different way – by embarking on the creation of a series of cosplay showcase videos, highlighting some of the incredible talent we have here in the New Zealand cosplay scene. Putting out an open call for clients, I was able to work with a dozen fantastic cosplayers on a number of private shoots, as well as filming with fifty more in the creation of a massive compilation of cosplays from Wellington Armageddon weekend.

I had a huge amount of fun shooting and editing these videos, and I hope it shows in the results! I’m definitely hoping to produce more of these in future, and I hope that I’ll be able to work with even more of the fantastic talent here in NZ as the opportunity arises. In the meanwhile, here’s a complete roundup of the content and showcases I produced from the weekend – check them out! :)

F&S Cosplay Videoshoot Series

F&S Armageddon Cosplay Compilation

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Play by Play Independent Games Festival 2016 (Media Roundup)

From the 18th to the 23rd of April, the inaugural Play by Play Independent Games Festival was held at Thistle Hall in Wellington. The first event of its kind, Play by Play was a venture to showcase some of the best and brightest of the New Zealand and Australian indie game dev scene. Organised by the amazing Lucy Morris of Group Pug and Peter and Robert Curry of Dinosaur Polo Club, the event consisted of an Awards Arcade (with eighteen jury-picked games by Australasian devs), Conference Day and Awards Night, Play by Play was a fun event for gamers of all ages and sorts, and was a huge success all around.

A keen gamer myself, and with plenty of friends in the game dev scene, I contacted Lucy prior to the event asking if I might be able to do a series of videos on the event and the developers that were featured in the Arcade. She graciously allowed me to do so, and so began my furious week of filming in and around the event whilst at the same time juggling my then-newly-started work contract! Seven days, six interviews and 80GB of footage later, I had a mountain of game-related excellence to sort through, and over the month or so following I produced, as initially intended, a series of videos spotlighting the wonderful individuals who helped shape Play by Play into the amazing festival that it was.

So without further ado, here is my media roundup from the inaugural Play by Play Independent Games Festival, and may there be many more to come!

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NZ National Parkour Gathering 2016 (F&S Media Roundup)

Over Easter Weekend of 2016, the New Zealand Parkour National Gathering was held in Wellington. As part of the weekend a small awards ceremony was held, where I was lucky enough to have been presented with a beautiful piece of pounamu (New Zealand greenstone) for my work on MOVE (Flow Like Water): A Parkour Documentary. Nga mihi, Tauhokai Aotearoa!

As usual there was plenty of great parkour to be witnessed and no end of good vibes to soak in. Far more happenings went on over the weekend than I can even hope to put in any small amount of words, so instead here’s a little roundup of some of the media F&S produced or helped produce from the event.

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Out in the Park (Wellington Pride Festival 2016)

Last month the annual Wellington Pride Festival took place, consisting of a week of events ending with a parade and fair day. Out in the Park 2016 not only celebrated the 30th anniversary of the event, but also the 30th anniversary of the NZ Homosexual Law Reform. Held in Waitangi Park, there were stalls, food, and performances galore. Here’s a little look back at some of the happenings of the day!

For more information on the Out in the Park and Pride Festival events, make sure you check out outinthepark.co.nz/ and wellingtonpridefestival.org.nz/!

Soundtrack: ‘1901’ – Phoenix

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Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition [Te Papa Talks/Workshops]

Unless you’ve been soundly sleeping for the last two decades straight, you’ll probably have seen at least a few features from DreamWorks Animation in your time. Whether it’s their more well-known franchises of Shrek or Kung-Fu Panda, or some of the older films like The Prince of Egypt or The Road to El Dorado, or even some of the more recent releases such as Rise of the Guardians and How to Train Your Dragon, films by DreamWorks have been a staple of our animated feature intake for a long time. As of October last year DreamWorks is now a good 20 years old, and as part of the celebrations for its anniversary, Wellington’s own Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand brought a very special and exclusive event to its main exhibition all – DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition.

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

From the studio that brought you the animated classics ShrekMadagascar, and Kung Fu Panda comes an exhibition exclusive to Te Papa in New Zealand – a behind-the-scenes celebration of 20 years of DreamWorks Animation!

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition features over 400 items, including rare concept drawings, models, interviews, and original artworks. Adults and kids can get creative with real animation tools, and soar above the clouds in the immersive Dragon Flight experience fromHow to Train Your Dragon.

Lose yourself in the extraordinary worlds created by DreamWorks’ award-winning artists, and travel with your favourite characters from first sketch through to final creation.

As part of the exhibition, Te Papa held a public seminar and a series of workshops at their premises on the 19th and 20th of February, exploring the animation industry and other related disciplines. Tickets sold fast but I was able to snaffle a couple for myself and my sister for the Te Papa Talks Animation: Exploring Digital Storytelling event on the night of Friday 19th, as well for as two workshops on Saturday 20th on Motion Graphics (held by John Strang and Leo Chida of Dusk) and Animation Production (held by Kelly Cooney of DreamWorks Animation). There was also a Character Design workshop held by illustrator Tim Gibson which I was pretty interested in as well, but unfortunately it was scheduled for the same time as the Animation Production workshop, meaning I had to make Choices – and while I am myself an avid artist, I felt that Animation Production might be more useful in the long run in the running of my own business.

I always love hearing insights from creatives about the fields they work in and are passionate about, regardless of whether or not they’re areas I actively engage in; so given the opportunity to hear a few industry professionals talk about fields that I am a part of was something that I definitely couldn’t pass up.

This is a pretty long writeup – way longer than I’d anticipated – but fortunately I also took way too many photos of the exhibition, so feel free to scroll through for those if you want. If you’d like to skip the seminar/Q&A session writeup and go straight ahead to my recount of the DreamWorks Exhibition, feel free to click here. If you want to read about the Saturday Workshops, click here.

#1 for both workshops! Guess constantly checking the workshops page was good for something, haha.

#1 for both workshops! Guess constantly checking the workshops page was good for something, haha.

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Rhythm of Korea — National Foundation of Korea Day Celebration

The Rhythm of Korea.

The Rhythm of Korea.

Last month I posted ‘한국문화 ‘ (Hanguk Munhwa/Korean Culture), a short video documenting the inaugural K-Culture Festival in Wellington. The video was passed onto the Korean embassy and I guess they must have liked it, because recently I was lucky enough to be invited by the embassy as a VIP guest to Rhythm of Korea, an event put on (for free no less) to celebrate the National Day of the Republic of Korea. On the invitation card was written “The Rhythm of Korea showcases Korea’s music and dance at the intersection of traditional and contemporary performances by a premier Korean percussion group U-So, together with a world renowned street dance B-Boy group Unlike Harmony Crew”. I was very surprised to receive an invitation – my knowledge of Korean culture is admittedly fairly limited (save for the more well-known aspects of contemporary k-culture, what I learned at the K-Culture Festival, and some elements of traditional culture which overlap with my own heritage) – but I was quite chuffed to be presented with the opportunity to attend the reception and witness for myself some aspects of Korean culture that I haven’t seen before, especially the Samulnori, traditional Korean percussion music. So last night we got dressed up and headed on down to St. James Theatre for the festivities, simultaneously knowing and yet not knowing what exactly to expect of the performance.

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