Lightning Lab XX 2016 (Media Roundup)

From March through to June I had the privilege of being the in-house videographer for Creative HQ‘s Lightning Lab XX Accelerator Programme. An intensive three-month business incubator, LLXX was a venture on Creative HQ’s part to boost the visibility of women-founded startups and help close the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem – indeed, the only prerequisite to apply for XX was that the company have at least one female founder, resulting in eight diverse and interesting companies all coming together in the same space to learn and grow together!

During my time at LLXX I was able to meet so many interesting people and learn so much. I was initially contracted to create a series of weekly videos spotlighting the different startups participating in the programme as well as some retrospectives of happenings in and around the space, but I also had the opportunity to create content specifically for some of the companies, which was a really awesome experience. Every single day of the three month programme was in preparation for the big Demo Day in mid-July, where the CEOs of each startup presented a pitch to a room full of sponsors and investors. Being the mic-depacker for the evening I had front-row seats to the entire show, and I’m really proud of the progress that everyone made over the course of LLXX.

Now that Lightning Lab XX is over, everyone has gone their separate ways, but I’m sure each of them will be successful in their own rights, and I look forward to hearing about their ventures in future! Here’s a roundup of videos I produced for both Lightning Lab XX itself as well as the startups that I worked alongside during the programme. If you’d like to find out more about the startups mentioned, I’ve provided a series of links at the bottom of the page.

Little Yellow Bird | Ama | NoticeMATCH | Patternsnap | Geo AR Games
Music Ecademy | Sipreme | Liangma | Hive

To view the recorded livestream of Demo Day, click here!

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